The SL-Matrix Family - 90s and50i - 70s and 36i - 39s and 26i

No Longer Offered for 2020:

The SL-Matrix 90 and the SL-Matrix 50 are the latest additions to the new SL-Matrix Series Interfaces and Interconnects. The SL-Matrix 90/50 audio interfaces (available in both balanced and single-ended configurations) are the result of a two-year project to miniaturize and improve the hallmark MIT network systems.

The SL-Matrix  70 and 36i, with the SL-Matrix 39S and 26I formed the baseline of the SL-Matrix Series.

Particular emphasis has been placed on optimizing the all-important midrange octaves for increased realism and naturalness of voices and musical instruments. Special attention has been given to the critical region between middle C and A440Hz, where most vocal and solo instrument information resides. This adds to your enjoyment of both music and movies, as all of the fundamental frequencies and first several harmonics are presented in perfect balance with each other. 

MIT’s SL-Matrix 90/50 Series are the perfect expression of 30 years of MIT innovation, distilled down to more affordable price points for High-End performance. Compared to ‘just cable’, you’ll hear superb and articulate voicing, along with enhanced image and focus.

Positive Feedback - Robert Youman Reviews the SL-Matrix50 Interconnects and SL-Matrix90 Speaker Cables

“…newly discovered sonic texture and dimensionality that makes the results so appealing. This last statement also applies to the entire range of frequencies..”
“… when considering changes or upgrades, these products should without question be on your audition list. Definitely a bench mark to compare against all others.”

Read more here: The SL-Matrix50 Interconnects and SL-Matrix90 Speaker Cables Review by Robert Youman

DAGOGO - MIT SL-8, SLXLR-6, and SL-12 Interconnects and Speaker Cables Review

MIT out-performed my reference cables in the lowest registers and in image layering.  This is both a surprising and also a delightful outcome. Indeed, the trickling down and simplification of the MIT music interface design to an affordable high performance, high-end entry level line of cables is great news for audiophiles and an unqualified success for the folks at MIT. Kudos! 

SL-Matrix Series:

SL-Matrix USB Cable


StyleLink Plus USB Cable


SL-Matrix Phono Interface – RCA


SL 29 Phono Interface – DIN


StyleLine Phono Interface – RCA


SL 29 Phono Interface – RCA


StyleLink USB Cable


SL-Matrix Plus Speaker Jumper Cables


SL-Matrix Speaker Jumper Cables


StyleLine Speaker Jumper Cables


AVt Speaker Module


SL-Matrix Plus In-Wall Module


SL-Matrix In-Wall Module


StyleLine In-Wall Module


SL-Matrix Z-Cord Plus


SL-Matrix Z-Cord


SL-Matrix 50 Interconnect – RCA


SL-Matrix 36 Interconnect – RCA


SL-Matrix 26 Interconnect – RCA


SL-Matrix 90 Speaker Interface