The Absolute Sound 2019 Editors' Choice Awards - MIT awarded Six!


ACC268 Articulation Control Console

“MIT ACC268 $80,000 MIT’s ACC268 “Articulation Control Consoles” are undoubtedly the world’s most expensive speaker cables, but they are unlike any cables extant. The control consoles are 45-pound enclosures housing the network along with unique adjustments that allow you to tune the cable to your system. This tuning has nothing to do with tonal balance, but rather with a dynamic verve in different parts of the frequency range. Beyond esoteric and justifiable in only the highest of high-end systems, the ACC268 delivers a sound quality that is unmatched by any other cable in RH’s experience. RH, 274″


Oracle MA Rev.1

“Like MIT’s Oracle MA speaker cable, the companion Oracle MA-X interconnect fully reveals the textural warmth, body, and saturation of tone colors one hears from live instruments. The soundstaging is equally impressive, delivering a huge and transparent rendering with precise placement of images. Small knobs on the termination boxes allow you to fine-tune the sound to your system. RH”

Oracle Matrix 50 Rev.2

“Making use of technology derived from MIT’s top-line Oracle MA-X interconnect, the Oracle Matrix 50 interconnect is designed to match the specific input impedance of whatever gear it is connected to via an adjustable three-position impedance switch. When impedance is set properly, the 50 performs exactly as advertised—increasing transparency, neutrality, transient speed, and low-level resolution by optimizing the interconnect/component interface. The perfect option for those looking for MIT MA-X sound quality at a far more affordable price. RH”


Oracle MA-X Rev.3 / MA-X SHD

“The Oracle MA-X2 interconnect delivers the same sonic virtues as the MA-X SHD loudspeaker cables, creating a synergy that allows each interface to realize its potential. Soundstages are vast (and micro-detailed) with a tremendous sense of bloom around images and lifelike warmth and tone color. The best-sounding interconnects RH has heard. RH, 234″


StyleLine SL 8 Interconnect

“RD always equated MIT (Music Interface Technologies) audio cables with crazy-unreachable prices, but now there’s the new entry-level StyleLine Series. The SL 8/SL 9 pairing offered …”


StyleLine SL 9 Speaker Cables

“…neutral top-to-bottom balance, allowing RD to indulge in the detail-fest that makes the sport of the high end so much fun. Mouth sounds, the sonic signatures of the microphones, the “sound” of the recording studio—all came through clear as day. RD, 236″

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