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Advanced laboratory test and measurement equipment enabled Music Interface Technologies to include Fractional Articulation Technology in the designs of its reference level products. MIT first unveiled this technology in 2010 as “Fractional Articulation Technology” (F.A.T.) in its Oracle MA-X HD Rev. 2 Speaker Interfaces. Thanks to improved manufacturing techniques, MIT is proud to offer this technology in an entirely new product line, including Super High Definition Speaker Interfaces.

What is Fractional Articulation Technology and HD Switching?

Prior to 2007, the thrust of MIT Cables’ engineering focused on optimizing a cable’s ability to transport an audio signal octave-to-octave. In 2007, MIT introduced Maximum Articulation technology which built upon previous Oracle designs to include the optimization of harmonics outside the octave. In 2010, this technology was expanded to allow the user to fine tune system articulation, helping to further optimize the articulation of harmonics that reside outside the octave, preserving pitch and ensuring the consonance or integrity of the musical experience.

Fractional Articulation Technology was born of a test and measurement technique called Fractional Octave Analysis, going another step in optimizing and maintaining the harmonic structure of the audio signal. Instead of concentrating only on harmonics outside the octave, interval optimization within the octave is achieved, improving the natural textures and density of the music. Simply put, by combining both Maximum Articulation and Fractional Articulation technologies, more of the audio signal is properly transported through the interface. Further, the user has more control of his or her entire listening experience as F.A.T. is activated or deactivated by the use of a simple switch.

Fractional Articulation Technology and HD Switching

Oracle Matrix SHD 120 rev. 2 – With the simple turn of the selector switch, you can move from “Standard Definition” to “Super High Definition” mode by activating Fractional Articulation Technology (F.A.T.). experience.
Oracle Matrix HD 90 Rev. 2 – The Oracle Matrix High Definition 90 Rev. 2 Speaker Interface, like its big brother, also allows the user to choose to enable F.A.T. in either “Standard Definition” or “Super High Definition” mode with a simple switch selection, adding 25 extra Articulation Poles.

What is 2C3DTM Technology?

In this update, Bruce Brisson has provided the listener with the ability to engage a network not present in the original Oracle MA-X SHD: a Two-Channel Three-Dimensional (“2C3D”) circuit. 2C3DTM technology provides listeners with the opportunity to engage a second switch to activate this additional circuit board of tuned networks. Once 2C3DTM is engaged, the cables will launch energy into the room creating a more physical and immersive experience, much like recalling the “feel” of a live musical performance.

Awards and Industry Recognition

Oracle SHD 120 Rev.1, Rev.2 - 2015, 2014, 2013 Editor's Choice Award - The Absolute Sound

By means of MIT’s new F.A.T. (Fractional Articulation Technology), Oracle Matrix speaker cables improve transient response and resolution with the turn of a built-in switch that engages more “poles of articulation” within their CNC-milled T6 aluminum “network” boxes…

Oracle HD 90 Rev.1, Rev.2 - 2015, 2014, 2013 Editors' Choice Award - The Absolute Sound

In their “High-Definition” position, the Matrices are, indeed, capable of very high resolution and transparency to sources, while also preserving the colorlessly neutral tonal palette that MIT has long been known for…

Editors' Choice 2017, 2018, 2019

Oracle MA-X SHD Interconnects - 2017, 2018 Editors' Choice Award - The Absolute Sound

“Like MIT’s Oracle speaker cable, the companion Oracle MA-X interconnect fully reveals the textural warmth, body, and saturation of tone colors one hears from live instruments.The soundstaging is equally impressive, delivering a huge and transparent rendering with precise placement of images. Small knobs on the termination boxes allow you to fine-tune the sound to your system. RH”

Oracle MA-X SHD Interconnects - 2017 Writers' Choice Award - Positive Feedback

“The ACC 268’s adjustability takes the form of four knobs on the console’s top panel. Three of the knobs are marked “Low,” “Mid,” and “High,” respectively. The fourth on-off knob is marked “2C3D” (Two- Channel, Three-Dimensional). Rather than interpret the idea of “articulation” in cables, I’ve included an interview with Bruce Brisson so that you get the story straight from the horse’s mouth. “

CES 2016 - "Best Sound" by Jonathan Valin

MIT’s Oracle suite of Interfaces and Interconnects including the Oracle HD 90, MA-X SHD Interconnects, and Power Conditioning by the Z-Powerbar and Oracle Z Power Cords used in two Constellation venues.

Best Sound – Jonathan Valin – The Absolute Sound
“…produced the most realistic sound at the show…”
“… Sound by Julie Mullins – The Absolute Sound
“…the ML/Constellation exhibit was, IMO, as close as any system came to the absolute sound…”

AXPONA 2017 - "Best of Show", "Best of Best", "Best Sound", "Best Sound and Clarity", "Five Most Significant..."

MIT’s Oracle suite of Interfaces and Interconnects including the Oracle HD 90 and SHD 120, Oracle Matrix 50 Interconnects, MA-X SHD Interconnects, and Power Conditioning by the Z-Powerba and Oracle Z Power Cords used in three venues: Tweak Audio, Magico, and Martin Logan.

Best of Show (for the money) – Jonathan Valin – The Absolute Sound
Best Sound by Julie Mullins – The Absolute Sound
Five Most Significant Debuts by Julie Mullins – The Absolute Sound
Best Sound and Clarity by Steven Rochlin – Enjot the Music
The Best of the Best by Maurice Jeffries – Positive Feedback

Visit the MIT Cables Awards Page - there are many more awards and accolades than we can list here...

For over 35 years Bruce Brisson’s audio and video product designs utilizing his many patents have been recognized throughout the industry.
Including the following top Industry leading audio review magazines and websites:

Stereophile Magazine – Recommended Components, 500 Recommended Components
The Absolute Sound – Golden Ear Award, Top 100, Product of the Year, Editors’ Choice Award, Top Pick
Positive Feedback – Writers’ Choice Award, Online Writers’ Choice Award
Enjoy the Music – Best Sound
Blue Moon – Blue Moon Award,  Best of the Year, Writers’ Favorite

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