Mailing Address:

MIT Cables
59 Damonte Ranch Pkwy
Suite #B 133
Reno, NV 89521

Please note: Do not send any MIT Products, for any reason, to this mailing address. Product that needs to be returned to MIT, will require an RMA. The RMA issued will include the shipping address for products being returned to MIT. No RMA’s can be issued over the phone. To request an RMA, please contact us using the email address listed on this page.

If you have a question regarding any MIT Products that are not currently being sold by MIT,please go to our MIT Website,, and pull down the menu marked ‘Support’.

Once you have done that, please scroll down and find ‘Products No Longer Supported’.

This page includes all of the information that still exists within our company, regarding obsolete products. We have put this page up for customers that would like information regarding these older MIT products.

This page includes ‘All’ information, for ‘All’ older / obsolete MIT products.


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