Oracle Z-Cord Reference FP – Networked


The ultimate in networked AC filter power cords. The new Oracle Z-Cord Reference FPThe Oracle Z-Cord Reference FP features the sameproprietary high performance cable as the Oracle Z-Cord Reference – but adds Filterpole Technology.

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2 m (6.6 ft), 3 m (10 ft), 4 m (13 ft)


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Oracle Z-Cord Reference FP

Z Series FilterPole Technology LogoThe ultimate in networked AC filter power cords. The Oracle Z-Cord Reference FP features the same proprietary high performance cable as the Oracle Z-Cord Reference. The unique winding topology combined with the highest quality silver-clad conductors and the finest dielectrics, and adds MIT’s patented Filterpole technology and housing it in the same billet aluminum enclosures as the Oracle interconnects protecting the passive parallel networks from sympathetic vibrations, resulting in an AC power cable that exhibits an extremely low noise floor and reduces dielectric distortions to well below the audible level. The benefits of this intense attention to detail are greatly improved dynamic contrasts, improved low level detail, and proper image localization and stability.


  • Filterpole Technology–7 Filterpoles
  • Power factor correction circuitry
  • Hospital grade connectors
  • Billet Aluminum Enclosure to reject sympathetic vibrations

Sold as a single unit

INTERNATIONAL Configurations available – refer to chart below


Oracle Z-Cord Reference Plug Intl Plug Configuration Chart


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Axpona 2017

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Oracle Z-Cord Reference FP Infosheet
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