ACC 268 Revision 2 Articulation Control Console


Product Line

Speaker Cable Length

8 ft (2.44m), 10 ft (3.05 m), 12 ft (3.66m), 15 ft (4.60m)

Cable Configuration

Single-Ended, Bi-Wired

Cable Termination

Oracle Spades included


Sold as Pairs

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The moniker Note Perfect was chosen by Bruce Brisson to represent MIT product or products that meet or exceed his best expectations. Look for this symbol of excellence when working on systems that are intended to return performance without peer. ACC 268 and ACC 272BW are the cost no object, no holds barred, no detail not considered product of Bruce Brisson’s lifetime of engineering and design experience. This project culminates everything he has learned along the way of his 35 years leading our industry to the heights that were once unimaginable. The ACC 268 is his “manifesto” to the others who are seeking the highest ends of audio playback with the ultimate goal of transporting one’s self into the event, into the room and with the people who made some of the most beautiful sounds in the universe. Available in Single ended and Bi-Wire Configuration Sols as Pairs

The Absolute Sound - Robert Harley Reviews the ACC 268 - "Stratospheric"

What the heck is an Articulation Control Console?
To a cynic, it’s nothing more than a fancy name for a speaker cable. To others, the Articulation Control Console represents the culmination of everything MIT founder Bruce Brisson has learned over his 35-plus-year career designing…”Stratospheric”, “..unlike any other differences I’ve heard between components”. Read more here: The ACC 268 Review by Robert Harley

2020 Editors' Choice logo

Recipient of the 2020 Editor's Choice Award - The Absolute Sound

“Yes, the MIT ACC 268 is crazy-expensive, but for those of you well-off enough to afford it, I don’t think that you’ll find a more musically rewarding speaker interface.”

Recipient of the 2019 Editor's Choice Award - The Absolute Sound

“Beyond esoteric and justifiable in only the highest of high-end systems, the ACC268 delivers a sound quality that is unmatched by any other cable in RH’s experience.”

Recipient of the 2018 Editor's Choice Award - The Absolute Sound

“MIT’s ACC 268 Articulation Control Consoles are unique in their conception, design, and, most importantly, performance. I confess to not fully understanding the concept of “articulation” in cables, or how the ACC 268 works, but I can report that no other cable I’ve heard offers the MIT’s foundational virtues or its flexibility in tuning a system’s sound.”

Recipient of the 2017 Editor's Choice Award - The Absolute Sound

“MIT’s ACC268 “Articulation Control Consoles” are undoubtedly the world’s most expensive speaker cables, but they are unlike any cables extant. The control consoles are 45-pound enclosures housing the network along with unique adjustments that allow you to tune the cable to your system. This tuning has nothing to do with tonal balance, but rather with a dynamic verve in different parts of the frequency range.” 

Recipient of the 2017 Top Pick Award - The Absolute Sound

“The ACC 268’s adjustability takes the form of four knobs on the console’s top panel. Three of the knobs are marked “Low,” “Mid,” and “High,” respectively. The fourth on-off knob is marked “2C3D” (Two- Channel, Three-Dimensional). Rather than interpret the idea of “articulation” in cables, I’ve included an interview with Bruce Brisson so that you get the story straight from the horse’s mouth. “

Munich High End 2016 - "Best Sound (Cost No Object)"

“At perhaps the best dealer showroom I’ve ever visited, MySound, the Wilson Alexx was paired with Pass Labs electronics, a Sound Devices 744T recorder into a Meitner DAC, and MIT cables and interconnects, including MIT’s new ACC 268 articulation consoles. On a wonderful recording by Peter McGrath of Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata, the piano sounded very natural and realistic, with concussive impact, great focus, and beautiful timbre. This demonstration in an optimized room showed how good this speaker can be.” Jonathan Valin

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ACC - Articulation Control Series
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