ACC 206 Articulation Control Console


Product Line

Speaker Cable Length

8 ft (2.44m), 10 ft (3.05 m), 12 ft (3.66m), 15 ft (4.60m)

Cable Configuration

Single-Ended, Bi-Wired

Cable Termination

Oracle Spades included


Sold as Pairs

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The moniker Note Perfect was chosen by Bruce Brisson to represent MIT product or products that meet or exceed his best expectations. Look for this symbol of excellence when working on systems that are intended to return performance without peer.

ACC 206 and ACC 210BW are the culmination of the smaller size of the ACC 169 plus the stylish and vibration isolating features from the ACC 268. To increase performance MIT adds more poles of articulation, which are allowed by the slightly larger enclosure. This unit is beautifully designed to sit next to, or behind, a mid to large sized speaker enclosure. The ACC 206 and ACC 210BW enable the listener to enjoy increased saturation of image that will appear seamless to the listener with textures and timbre that are realistic, believable and hugely dimensional from left to right, from front to back and from top to bottom. The unique 2C3DTM capabilities of this design are astonishingly realistic, and at the same time invisible in terms of speakers and speaker placements. The “speakers disappear” is the description most commonly used by knowledgeable audiophiles when they first experience this model.

Available in Single ended and Bi-Wire Configuration

Sold as Pairs


Manuals and Infosheets

ACC - Articulation Control Series
ACC Series Infobook