The Absolute Sound 2017 Top Pick - Vero Reference Headphone Cable

The Vero Reference Headphone Cable

Music Interface Technologies (MIT) has brought its unique technology to the personal audio arena for the first time in the Vero Full Range ($499) and Vero Reference ($899) headphone cables. MIT cables and interconnects have always employed terminated networks housed in chassis integral to the cable. In the Vero headphone cable, the network is in a small slim enclosure that doesn’t interfere with the cable’s portability.

 The Vero Reference has all the hallmarks of MIT’s ultra-expensive high-end offerings, particularly when used with the company’s outstanding Vero 50ex headphone amplifier ($3195). The treble is a bit gentler and more relaxed than that of other headphone cables, which makes for greater engagement and less fatigue over long listening sessions. Notably, the Vero doesn’t trade smoothness for resolution and transparency; the MIT cable and amp are as good as Robert Harley has heard in revealing low-level and individual musical lines in complex passages.

 The Vero Reference cable also diminishes the feeling of “inside the head” imaging by seemingly projecting images slightly outward toward the front and expanding stage width. And as is characteristic of MIT, the bass is rich and full, with a solid sense of body and weight. MIT’s Vero Reference is the best headphone cable we’ve heard, and our 2017 Headphone Cable of the Year Award winner. (Ultimate Guide to Headphones and Personal Audio)

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