Positive Feedback 2017 Writers' Choice Award

The ACC 169 Articulation Control Console:

Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Award, 2017

November 28, 2017 A.D.| Dave Clark, Editor

Music Interface Technologies ACC169 Speaker Interface $44,999 8ft. pair and Oracle MA-X SHD XLR Interconnects $21,999 2 meter pair

If your systems components and speakers are worthy of the best interface, then the MIT ACC169 will take you places musically you would not have though possible.

Combining the often contradictory qualities of speed, resolution and the ability to render tonal color, texture, impact and the sheer weight and presence of the real thing, these products are really components that are as important to achieving sonic realism as any other element in the system.

I have yet to hear products in this class pull off this trick. Truly a no compromise, no apology product that never leaves me wanting for more. Couple this to its user adjustability for system matching and you have the makings of a final destination product.


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