50ex Headphone Amp with Multipole Technology

No Longer Offered for 2020:

The moniker Vero 50ex denotes 50 poles of articulation and the lower case “ex” calls attention to the extra performance provided by MIT Multipole™ technology. This is the first time Multipole™ has ever been used on active circuits. The results are nothing less than astonishing. Silent Power™ is delivered by three Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries to create the deepest, blackest background. Similar to the experience of looking at stars from a remote mountain top, minute audio details are easily identified against the velvet black space battery power provides.

Revolutionary Headphone Cabling System

No Longer Offered for 2020:

The Vero headphone dongle and headphone cables are a logical extension and MIT’s entry into the personal audio realm. All models include MIT’s patented Multipole Technology, featured in MIT Cables’ legendary audio interfaces. The dongles (see next page) are designed to complement your existing cable choice, and the headphone cable is designed on a silent (non-microphonic) cable group and jacket to provide quiet delivery of the audio signal without the added sounds of a cable rubbing on a collar or sleeve. By using MIT’s Multipole Technology, both the Vero Full Range and Vero Reference models will create a lifelike immersive listening experience against a deep black background. There are differences in the two designs for those who may have an mp3 based playback system or headphones that are more frugal by design, or for the audio enthusiast on a budget. For this reason, we offer two performance levels.

Awards and Industry Recognition

Vero 50ex Amp - 2017 Editor's Choice Award - The Absolute Sound

“The Vero50ex is Music Interface Technology’s first headphone amplifier, and the first product to incorporate in active electronics (rather than in cables) the company’s “2C3D” and “Multipole” technologies. The result, as in MIT’s cables, is a spectacular soundstage that moves the image outside your head. With a warmish tonal balance, the Vero is unfatiguing. With 3W of output power, the Vero- 50ex will drive any head- phones with ease.”

Vero Reference Headphone Cable - Top Pick 2017 - The Absolute Sound

“Selected as “Top Pick” in the Absolute Sound “Top Picks in High-End Audio and Music 2017”

Vero Reference Headphone Cable - 2017 Product of the Year Award - The Absolute Sound

“MIT’s Vero Reference Headphone Cable awarded Absolute Sound 2017 Product of the Year. “The Vero Reference cable also diminishes the feeling of “inside the head” imaging by seemingly projecting images slightly outward toward the front and expanding stage width.” Robert Harley – Editor

Vero Reference Headphone Cable - 2017 Headphone Cable of the Year Award - The Absolute Sound

“MIT’s Vero Reference is the best headphone cable we’ve heard, and our 2017 Headphone Cable of the Year Award winner. (Ultimate Guide to Headphones and Personal Audio)”


Thomas Moore - Four-Time GRAMMY Winning Recording Producer/Engineer

“You might not know just how good your headphones really are unless you have the MIT Vero cabling. The way that Vero provides a crystal clear, transparent, and three dimensional listening experience with a headphone is nothing short of astounding.” 

Scot Hull - PartTimeAudiophile.com

 The sound was tonally full and expansive, with excellent bass response and dynamics..Extremely impressive.” 

Frank Iacone - Headphone.Guru

“The music was cleaner and clearer…I became consumed!”