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Oracle MA-X SHD Rev.2 Phono Interconnect

110 Poles of Articulation work to reproduce delicate (out of phase) reflections from venue ceilings, walls and stage floors. As a result, room boundaries are redefined to capture the unique sounds of the artists and the “voice” of the room.

Oracle Matrix SHD 120 Rev. 2 Speaker Interface

Built off of the Oracle SHD120 platform, the Oracle SHD120 Rev. 2 houses its networks inside of a CNC machined t6 billet aluminum enclosure to isolate and protect sympathetic vibrations from entering the internal network. F.A.T. technology gives the listener the ability to tune up (or down) the number of Poles, offering…

Oracle MA-X SHD (Super High Definition Interconnects)

Engineers at MIT Cables understand that every piece of music is formed on a foundation built from the percussion and bass instruments. Our new SHD interconnect works to control and properly interface…