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Heritage Series

The Heritage Series Lending Program - A full 30 Day Risk Free Trial

We are so excited to offer the Heritage Series for your personal review. We believe this simple program will provide the opportunity to convince you of the difference that MIT Cables technologies brings to your audio experience. Finally, a Risk Free trial period – In your own home! With your own system!

Experience what thousands of satisfied customers, recording artists, studios, audio engineering professionals, and the movie industry have known for 35 years – the difference the patented technologies from MIT brings to you that No One Else in the cable industry can offer.  It is exclusively ours – and will soon be exclusively yours!

John Atkinson

“I felt I had to note the sound in this room. Cabling was all-MIT, with MIT Oracle MA-X balanced connections between preamp and power amplifier and with MIT’s new Heritage series 2C3D Level 1 speaker cables and MIT’s Z-Strip providing clean AC power.”

CES 2018 - Stereophile - John Atkinson

“I have been attending CES since 1979 and music-rich experiences like this are what keeps the show real for me.”
“…every detail of the complex, tone cluster-rich scoring was clearly revealed, yet without any unnatural spotlighting, and with superbly natural tone colors.” John Atkinson

Munich High End 2017 - Jonathan Valin on the Heritage Series - The Absolute Sound

“I was able to finally get a seat in the Magico room featuring the company’s S3 MkII loudspeakers, Spectral electronics, and MIT’s MI-2C3D Level ONE speaker cables and impedance-matching line-level interfaces from its new Heritage series. According to MIT, the Heritage series incorporates significant cost reductions, such as smaller capacitors and inductors from those in MIT’s reference Oracle and Matrix products, but with similar circuit topologies. This is the kind of trickle-down I’ve been waiting to see! The sound of the system was lifelike and present, with terrific clarity and immediacy, broad soundstaging, and very good transparency.” Jonathan Valin

Heritage Series

Over the last 30 years MIT has introduced many successful products that garnered a large following based (in part) on excellent reviews published in the abso!ute sound (AVt1), 6 (Shotgun S1), and Stereophile recommended components (CVT Terminator 2). Bruce decided to look into keeping these three special models alive by enhancing them with improved parts and miniaturizing techniques inside other “Heritage Enclosures”. This would allow him to resurrect and perpetuate them as the EVO 1, EVO2 and EVO3 models. Bruce regards this project as a ”homage” to these highly regarded products.
Historical Perspective

Approximately 3-Years ago a highly regarded amplifier manufacturer told Bruce Brisson he desired a “great sounding $10k speaker cable” 
to showcase his less expensive designs. He further referenced the performance of the SHD 120 Speaker cable within that discussion as a Bench Mark to shoot for. The designer’s goal was to deliver performance approaching the SHD 120 speaker cables (~29K/pr) for about half the cost. Brisson knew this would require extreme cuts in parts and labor.

Machined aluminum enclosures were eliminated and special tuning options removed in favor of fixed (preset) circuits. While circuit topologies remained similar or the same, capacitor and inductor sizes were reduced by using more “through hole” technology on printed circuit boards.

To put it simply: Bruce took Oracle and Matrix topologies, used smaller capacitors and inductors of the same values and ‘stuffed’ 
them into the 750/330 (AKA Heritage) black boxes. These products are called the MIT MI-2C3D series. They are now available in three levels; 2C3D Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.
2C3D Level 1

With the inclusion of three EVO versions, MIT introduces 6 performance levels as The Heritage Series for 2017. We think you will love them as much as we do!

Engineered and Made in the USA

How Do I Start?

1. Please fill out the form below. All information is confidential. Our team (110 years combined experience with high-end audio and MIT cables products) will assess your system and recommend the Heritage Cabling package best suited for your equipment.

MIT will contact you to discuss our recommendations and answer any questions you may have. The offerings include the high-end Oracle and Matrix based Heritage MI-2C3D Series, or the high-performance Shotgun and Magnum based Heritage EVO Series for astounding value at lower price points.

 What’s Included?: Each Heritage Lending Program shipment will include 1 pr (one pair) 10′ length Speaker Interfaces including any necessary iconn connectors where applicable, and a total of 2pr (two pair) 1.5 meter length Audio Interconnects – 1 pr (one pair) configured with RCA terminations, and 1 pr (one pair) configured with XLR terminations. This will provide you the necessary flexibility to setup your system.



4. MIT Cables will require a valid Credit Card to place a HOLD in the amount equal to 50% of the Retail Price. Of course, if you feel that your cable selection does not “…work exactly as advertised in your system”, all you pay is the return shipping.

From the date you receive your MIT Cables Heritage Cable set, you will have 30 days to test in your home.

 At the end of the 30 day trial, simply contact MIT Cables and decide to Return, Replace, or Purchase.

When you decide to purchase, MIT will then provide you with an Authorized MIT Cables Dealer to place your order.

Your Heritage Series selection will be shipped to your choice of address*

* lower 48 contiguous United States only

The Heritage EVO Series - EVO One, EVO Two, and EVO Three

EVO One Speaker Interface and Interconnect
EVO One Speaker Interface and Interconnect PDF
EVO Two Speaker Interface and Interconnect
EVO Two Speaker Interface and Interconnect PDF
EVO Three Speaker Interface and Interconnect PDF
Starting at $3,799 (Speaker) and $2,399 (IC)
Starting at $2,299 (Speaker) and $1,399 (IC)
Starting at $999 (Speaker) and $799 (IC)

The Heritage 2C3D Series - MI-2C3D Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3

MI-2C3D Level 1 Speaker Interface and Interconnect PDF
MI-2C3D Level 2 Speaker Interface and Interconnect PDF
MI-2C3D Level 3 Speaker Interface and Interconnect
MI-2C3D Level 3 Speaker Interface and Interconnect PDF
Starting at $16,999 (Speaker) and $7999 (IC)
Starting at $$9,999 (Speaker) and $5,924 (IC)
Starting at $5,999 (Speaker) and $4,199 (IC)

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